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Cruel Intentions Icon Challenge
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Welcome to Cruel Intentions Stillness, the icon challenge community for the movie Cruel Intentions starring Sarah Michelle Gellar, Reese Witherspoon, Ryan Phillippe, Selma Blair just to name a few.

Please read below so there's no confusion as to how ci_stillness operates. ENTERING RULES
» You MUST be a member to submit icons.

» On any given challenge you can submit either 1 icon or an icon for each screencap posted. You cannot submit more than one icon of the same screencap.

» Please make sure when submitting your icon/icons that you follow the format below and please make sure that your livejournal username is somewhere in the file name.

» Please make sure you read the specifics of the challenge before making your icons. » Remember this is a stillness community therefore no animated icons can be submitted

» All icons submitted need to fit LJ's size standards; 100x100px or under, 40kb or smaller, .gif .jpg or .png

» All submissions are screened, therefore they must remain anonymous,that means no posting them in other icon communities or as one of your user pics until the the winners of that specific challenge are announced.

» Don't vote for yourself and don't get your friends to vote for you. The maker of the best icons in the challenge deserve to win.

»You do not have to be a member to vote, but any anonymous votes will be discarded.

How voting works: Each challenge you have to vote for first, second & third icon. Everytime someone gets nominated in the first category that earns them 4 points, in the second category 2 points and in the third category 1 point. After voting had closed I tally up the scores and the highest scores recieve 1st, 2nd & 3rd place for that challenge.

» Voting will consist of you voting for your top 3 icons in the challenge, unless stated otherwise.

»NEW CHALLENGE: every second sunday
»SUBMISSION DEADLINE: every second Saturday afternoon (Friday night in most parts of the world)
»VOTING PERIOD: Saturday night - Wednesday night
»CHALLENGE WINNERS & BANNERS:Friday nights (first place, second place, third place & mod choice)

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Original stillness concept by quebelly