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stabbing the drama

Challenge #6 - mixing it up.

I know usually stillness, challenges etc are strictly for icons but I thought for this challenge we'd do something a little different.
Entries close: 14 December, '05

Theme I: A movie poster no bigger than 197x275

Image hosted by
It can have promo shots for the movie, scenes from the movie, movie quotes but it must have on the poster:
• the movie title: Cruel Intentions
• the key characters names: Sarah Michelle Gellar, Reese Witherspoon & Ryan Phillippe. (if you want to add more, that's fine but they have to be in smaller text)
Be creative, there are no limitations besides text brushes and animation of course.
may only submit 1 poster

Theme II: Movie Poster Icons (a tad image heavy so just wait because it will load)
Just incase posters aren't peoples thing but I'd rather everyone have a go at making a poster.

I've pulled together some images of numerous Cruel Intentions posters
• NO blending
• Must have a line from the movie in it, not a whole line, just as long as it's 3 words in a row.
• Because of the rule about you may not use any text brushes or any other text in the icon other than that quote.
• Just to state the obviously, this is a 'stillness' community so no animations.
• Other than the rules above you can let your imagination run wild! :)

Images: (click the images for the full size

You may submit 1 icon for each image, total: 5

HAVE FUN!!!!!!!
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