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stabbing the drama

ci_stillness CHALLENGE #5

To mix it up we're going to do something different this week. I've found photographs from photo shoots of all the key characters. Under the cut are the photos, just click on them to get the full sized photograph. There are two of Reese & Sarah because I guess I saw both pictures of both women to be a challenge for the challenge... (yes, I'm aware that sounds weird) and I googled Ryan for atleast half an hour and I couldn't find anything decent or of that greater quality. I found a really trippy weird one somewhere so I just chose it + it'll make for some interesting icons....

• You can submit as many icons as you like but you cannot use the same icon twice.
• You may use text but don't let it consume the graphic, the photos have to be the main feature of the icon.
• Obviously, no blending is allowed.
• Black & White, colour, whatever you feel like this round.
• If by some freak chance you've made icons out of any of these photos before, please don't use those, make fresh ones.
• Please use this format when submitting:

Click the images for the full sized caps

Also, we're going to do the voting a little differently this time because I think it's about time that I participate and if I happen to win something I'd like to not be accused of cheating because all results are hidden at the moment.

All icons to be submitted by Novemeber 28. Have fun!
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